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Welcome To La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill

With many locations across eight ten US states including California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey and Missouri, La Salsa is a major nationwide franchise.

Want your own location? With a commitment to build a minimum of 3-5 La Salsa units at an initial investment of approx. $431,000 to $612,000 (per unit, does not include real estate), you might be better of as a patron. Prices for lunch are reasonable.

Like Chipotle, Qdoba, and Baja Fresh, La Salsa is publicly owned - part of CKE Restaurants, which also owns Hardee's and Carl's Jr. Update: La Salsa was purchased by the investment group that owns Baja Fresh from CKE Restaurants in 2007. Thanks to Chelsea for the tip. Details here.

They claim to avoid lard, preservatives, or artificial additives. Check out the corporate site here.

John and I came across this particular location on the way back from the beach on the Pacific Coast Highway. Yes.

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Friday, November 18, 2005 by Jonah.


Correction for you........La Salsa is owned by CKE restaurants which owns carls jr, hardees, and la salsa and is publicly traded on the NYSE.

Posted by: tbone at January 10, 2006 07:29 AM

I love eating at La Salsa. La Salsa is 100 times better than baja fresh. I live in Mesa Arizona where there is not a single La Salsa. The nearest store is in Tucson Arizona So I am forced to dine at baja fresh. I see how crowded the baja fresh franchise has become here in the mesa, tempe, chandler area of Arizona. There is several construcion sites with shopping centers going up where I am sure would be perfect for a La Salsa. I actually live near the corner of Southern Ave. and Stapley Dr. a predominant hispanic area where a new development is being built as we speak and directly across from the shopping center is a perfect lot just waiting for a nice little mexican grill. It would be right up the street from several other resturants and shopping centers where La Salsa would be hard to be missed by new customers looking for a new mexican grill to enjoy. I also think that if a store was set up others would learn of this wonderful place to eat and turn from baja fresh and start enjoying La Salsa.

Posted by: Jared at April 20, 2008 08:14 PM