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Busses, No Busses

A few weeks ago I was in DC. For all you kiddos outside the east coast bus circuit, there's a network of non-stop, dirt cheap busses that hit all the major cities. Book online here.

Just don't miss your bus. No matter what.

If you miss the bus, the next one probably doesn't pick up near that corner, and your ticket is no good. I digress.

After a very full weekend, I hustled to meet up with Dave Stuart, the Junior Burrito Analyst who discovered Tacos Pepitos [Time: 5:00]. I was super late [Time: 5:45]. There was a line. The kitchen was backed up. The bus was leaving at 6:00.

Burritos are delivered in plastic bags but no tin foil [Time: 5:55], Anthony and I ran out of there and fly through the grid of the capitol city to get to the bus. I call and foolishly ask them to hold the departure [Time: 6:05]. My request is refused [Time: 6:06].

We arrive at the pickup location [Time: 6:15]. The bus has not yet left. I get the last seat, heart pounding, and dive into my 'Burrito Gringo.'

Was the big guy who thought he had an empty seat next to him happy to see me sneak in with my stinky burrito? No. Was the burrito delicious? Yes.

This Tacos Pepito's Bakery meal was rated: 7.4.

Monday, November 28, 2005 by Jonah.