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Mexican TV Dinner

I was wandering around my neighborhood in search of dinner the other night, when I was struck by some Burrito Blog inspiration. Thai food can wait...a month.

I stepped into La Ceiba a little late and it was kinda empty. I asked the guy behind the counter what he preferred, the mole poblano or the chicken enchiladas. He picked the mole, and I'm a trusting man.

Burrito Blogging isn't all fun and games. I realized how far behind I was, and decided to get my food to go. Over some television and chicken mole, I started catching up on my posts. While this burst of motivation didn't compare to the one that started it all, my La Ceiba meal fueled me to write about 10 Burrito Blog articles.

Oh, and the mole poblano came with black beans and rice, and was moderately excellent, though $11.

This La Ceiba meal was rated: 7.4.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 by Jonah.