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I Make Empires Crumble?

Boston's Burrito Max is no more.

It's always sad when this sort of thing happens, no matter what. Burrito Max baffled me when they forgot the chicken in my harvest burrito. Since the Lechuga! Lechuga! Lechuga! incident, we haven't been on speaking terms. Differences aside, we were brothers.

It has been written that Burrito Blog may bear some responsibility:

Burrito Max has closed the burritoblog slammed them more than once and their prices went up and they switched to peanut oil ... but dammit they were convenient, filling, and I liked 'em ... and now they are gone. No fanfare - nothin.

It can't be so. That's too much power for one man to have.

I support all burrito establishments, no matter how infrequent my patronage may be. I'll take a tortilla with rice over mayonnaise with anything any day. Yes, the ratings are sometimes harsh, but always honest.

Burrito Max, your blood is not on my hands.

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Friday, October 21, 2005 by Jonah.