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I Am A Corporate Stooge

Last Saturday I decided to hop a bus from NY to DC to go see Minus The Bear, again. They rocked, again, and so did These Arms Are Snakes.

Once back, it was time to get some pillows and bedding. Where? Kmart.

So I'm walking through the New York's East Village with this gigantic Kmart bag and decide to stop for a carnitas filled dinner at Chipotle on St. Mark's. Now I've got this big Kmart bag in one hand and a Chipotle bag in the other.

As the title would suggest, I was feeling like a bit of a victim of economies of scale.

The carnitas burrito wasn't that great although it was gigantic. I like to get my Chipotle with both medium (not the corn) and mild salsa. It leaves me craving something a little verde. Is there a better suggestion out there?

This Chipotle meal was rated: 3.9.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 by Jonah.