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You Talk, We Listen

I've been to El Burrito before - a number of times. Between the time I started this blog and the time I made it back to El Burrito, I got a comment from a gentleman who goes by the alias Patrick Bateman (The main character from American Psycho). Here's what he had to say:
Go to EL BURRITO in brighton. It's on brighton ave just past harvard st. Try the CHICHARRONES. QUE BUEN SABOR, CACHUNDO.

And so we did. Greg got it, and he said it was good. Chicharon is pork cracklings. They're a little fatty and a little crunchy. You can see a bit in the top left of the picture.

Patrick Bateman, your wish is my command.

This El Burrito meal was rated: 6.8.

Saturday, May 14, 2005 by Jonah.