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Burrito Oasis In Faneuil Hall

I never took a class in photography, but my untrained eyes thought this shot was pretty telling. You can see how Baja Fresh dropped right into Boston's historic Faneuil Hall (Map). There are something like 40 food spots in Quincy Market, and Baja is killing the competition, except Pizzeria Regina, of course.

Anyway, I got the Baja with rice added to it. It's basically a regular burrito with no beans or rice, but it has guacamole. Who came up with that one?

You've got to add your own hot sauce, so I went with the salsa verde. I always feel interrupted adding sauce between bites.

Was I impressed? Not really. But there's not much else around this part of town for beans and rice.

This Baja Fresh meal was rated: 3.8.

Sunday, May 22, 2005 by Jonah.