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Welcome to Tacos Lupita

This little gem of authenticity is in Somerville, right on the Cambridge border behind Porter Square (Map). It claims, "The best Mexican and Salvadorian Dishes" and really delivers.

It's a little dark inside, and a it might not be the most immaculate place you've ever seen, but there are hard to find treasures on the menu. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they have a hearty soup of the day. Fans of black beans beware: they don't have black beans.

I've eaten a burrito or two in my day, but Tacos Lupita was my first for a couple special items.

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Friday, March 25, 2005 by Jonah.


Saw the article in the Globe this morning and had to visit. Normally I would just poke through the site and nod and smile and agree with the lofty praise of "Anna's" ... but had to additionaly comment on the Lupita. I, literally, live up the street from the place, and the handful of times I've stopped in there I've been greeted with nothing but TERRIBLE service. I know I'm not the only one to come up with that opinion, too.

And, yes, this is how I spend my sundays, badmouthing small mom-and-pop (madre-y-padre?) tacquerias.

Posted by: Joel at June 5, 2005 12:40 PM