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Welcome to Picante Mexican Grill

With two locations, one in Cambridge's Central Square (Map) and one in Sommerville's Davis Square (Map), Picante's got the north side of the Charles River covered. Their draw is their healthy cooking:

Picante is a health conscious gourmet Mexican taqueria in the popular California style. We don't add oil or sugar to our delicious beans, and no lard anywhere!

Here's my complaint: since the burritos aren't served with foil, you've got to wach your hands before eating anything. But the bathroom's always locked and you've got to ask for the key like it's a highway side gas station. Anyway, they do a brunch menu on the weekends and the burritos are served with a few tortilla chips.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005 by Jonah.


The Davis store in Somerville, MA is closed. Only the Cambridge store is open.


Posted by: John at March 16, 2006 10:03 AM

'Picante': NO ES PICANTE!

My wife was totally disappointed. We'd been told that this place was authentic by a friend who'd lived in Texas. It was, on the other hand, bland. They even brag in the menu that "all burritos are served with _very mild_ salsa gringa." Gringa? As in NOT Mexican? I had to ask for hot salsa on my burrito, which was filling yet totally bland. Their chipotle salsa tasted like sugar-water with liquid smoke.


(love your website ;)


Posted by: Joel Adamson at July 12, 2006 09:48 AM